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2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Team Building Activities on Lunar August 15th

2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Team Building Activities on Lunar August 15th

Jan 25, 2024

Mid-Autumn Festival is Chinese Traditional Festival.The time is on the fifteenth day of the eighth month in the lunar autumn, which is when the moon is at its maximum and roundest.

The purpose of this festival is to celebrate harvest and reunion. On the Mid-Autumn Festival, people will enjoy the moon, eat moon cakes, celebrate with their families, and in some places, people will light lanterns and fireworks.

Another important tradition of the Mid-Autumn Festival is to eat moon cakes, which are round biscuits usually containing five kernels, bean paste or other sweet fillings. They are golden in appearance and decorated with various patterns. The shape and sweet taste of mooncakes symbolize reunion and happiness.


Colleagues gather together for a barbecue.Play a lot of games,like guess lantern riddles,playing billiards,playing basketball,etc.

Happiness takes no account of time.

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